Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Wan o' the Crew.

Galgael, GalGael,
Make your boat,
And watch it sail,
Going far and sometimes near,
Brave like Scotland.
Have no fear,
The butt n' ben,
Is very near,
Jaggy thistles,
And lucky heather,
This boat will
Last in any weather,
GalGael forever.

James McLauchlan

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Extract from "Fight or Flight" , A collection of GalGael writings compiled by Chris Adams

Our people dispersed
Culture eclipsed
The colourful plaid
Outlawed discarded

Colonial migration programs enforced
The commercial curse
The land is sold and nature is raped
Exploited by the beasts

Our remnants
make profits
the Iscariot way

The land needs people
To love and care for it
Repair and heal it

The Bright Ones of these Isles
Must fight the good fight
End the marketing of our kingdom

Viking, Roman, Saxon
Germanic plunder
Before the day is done
We must battle through
Burn their strongholds

Bring them to the alter
There is only one God

Swords pride greedy riots
Hacking the tree of life
We are coming to judge
The present situation
The Bright Ones of these Isles

Colin MacLeod.

Out of the darkness

Out of the darkness, into the warm sunlight,
I'm finally believing the thoughts in my head are right,
but time moves on and the heart's still strong,
I know I can't change it,
Or put right what once went wrong,
But I believe in miracles i believe in something pure
I believe with faith in mind, nothng can harm you anymore.

There comes a time when you realise
That you are searching for answers
Then clarity burns in your heart
You open your eyes, see for the very first time.
Everyones life is riddled with mines.
But I believe in miracles.
I believe in something pure.
I believe with faith in mind, nothing can harm you anymore.

The light shines on the darkness
But darkness turns his face
The light like a child he reaches out
But the darkness refrains its embrace.

Big George.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Eternal Clann

(forgive us Rabbie, we love you dude)

If distinction the Creator maks’
Twixt’ those amang the masses
The fowk wha go wi’ guid intent
Rank highest o’ the classes

Through honest work an’ skill o’ hand
In Natures celebration -
Respect o’ Life, and kinship
Bequeathed doon generations

Whit can ye gie? whit can ye tak?
Whit hae ye for the table?
Broth an’ breid we hae tae share
Tae mak’ ye strong an’ able

O’ heart fire that unites us a’
Gie spirit, warmth and nurture
An’ courage tae embrace sic grace
Love is the only culture

The myth o’ progress shackles man
To war against the earth
Noo’s the hour tae break the chains
An’ recognise oor worth

Then unicorn shall wander free
Spirit now unfettered
The plans o' men enslave their souls
But the Clann can ne'r be bettered

Tam and all the Plane Castle posse