Tuesday, 3 March 2009

My Dream

It was a couple of nights ago that I had my dream. It's not the kind Iv'e had before, it was weird and sad.

It was about this little bird I had found, but when I looked at it again I was shocked to find it was a baby eagle.

So I took it home and fed it till it got a little bit older.

Then, one afternoon I heard this thud at my window, which gave me the shock of my life to see the mother of the baby eagle.

Then she disappeared into thin air.

She never did come back for Hunter, which I called him, so I kept Hunter but knew I had to let him go one day.
So, I decided to take him to a place called Barmaddy, which is a farmhouse we go to now and again. Galgael is doing it up, so I took him there to set him free.

It broke my heart, but was happy to see him fly around but anytime I went back there I always saw hunter. So that was my dream- one i will never forget.


Big Braw Boats

We are Birlinn
The seagull saunter
With a swan glide
We expose the heart
As we pick up stragglers
Cast adrift
Sailing onward
Richer "for a' that".
Ye were richt
Its comin'yet!

Alan T.

(Pic. Orcuan on the Firth of Clyde 2008)