Wednesday, 13 May 2009

An Eaglais Mhor

An excellent contribution from our friend Stuart McHardy
(Folk from Dundee can write poetry too ye know)


There are nae stane waas
tae the kirk in whilk A worship
nae wrocht gless
tae tint the licht
fraer the ivver-cheengin lift;
ma psalms ring oot i the ripplin burn
ma daily hymn's the soughin win
on whilk A see the lauchin lintie soar,
an fer ma catechis an rite
A read the widland craturs run
the reid hert's stately grace
the flicht o startlit cushats
an the dewdrap spangle
o the speedart's lace;
an whiles ah bou ma knee
tae better speir
jist whaur A staun,
an, liftin ma een
cin clearly see
A am but pairt
o whit A lou
an whit lous me;
fer aa A see
is bit ae pairt o whit maun be
ilk ane o uso aa things pairt
an pairt o aa things;
sae here A stauni
the middle o the universe
abune the hairt
o oor mither earth,
the licht, the lift
an life itsel
aroun an aboot
abune an ablow,
An Eaglais Mhor
An Eaglais Mhor

fer me./stuart mchardy sept 95/