Thursday, 26 May 2011


The following poem was handed in today by the uncle of its author. He explained to us that quite soon after his writing of the poem the young man committed suicide. If we are to gain anything from this tragedy it would surely be to take heed of his message within the verses of the poem. Our thoughts are with the poet and his family and we hope that his powerful words will prevent someone else from walking down the same road. We thank him for his wisdom and mourn him and the fact that the world has lost a young man who was obviously intelligent and with a talent for helping others.
The poets mother passed away soon afterwards.


I'm just a lad of sixteen years
But my life is almost done
Folk say, at sixteen years of age
Your life has just begun
The reason for my sorry state
Is really sad to tell
My pals were dabbling in the drugs
So I joined in as well

I knew that drugs were contraband
Taboo, against the law
But my pals were doing it, so, so would I
After all, it's just a "blaw"
One night, one mate dared me
With a "whitey" in his hand
Come on kid, try a "whitey"
It'll make you really grand

Another night, he came to me
I was "skint", dead stoney broke
We went into my bedroom
And I was introduced to "coke"
Heroin, coke, LSD
I think Iv'e tried them all
Oh; taking drugs was just the thing
I felt like ten feet tall

But then one day I overdosed
For I had seen, at last
What all those drugs were doing to me
And had done in the past
My family life was ruined
My mother broke her heart
And that was when I asked myself
Why did I ever start?

Why did I destroy myself?
And throw my life away
And get myself into the state
That I am in today
I have the dreaded A.I.D.S. disease
Or, so the doctors say
That's why I took the overdose
To end my life today

So, take heed my fellow druggies
I try to make you see
You repeat what I once uttered
It can't happen to me
My eyes are getting heavy now
And the pen, it weighs a ton
But, by the time you read this letter
My young life will be done

So, goodbye my fellow druggies
My tale I had to tell
Just keep going the way you're going
And we'll meet again, in Hell.

Monday, 16 May 2011


GalGael have recently lost two good friends Colin Callaghan and Keith Dolan- both young and in their forties. We would like to express our sympathies to their friends and relations and remember them here too in words.

Colin Callaghan was employed by one of the local addiction agencies and often referred folk to our Navigate Life course and also put one or two volunteers in our direction too. He loved coming into GalGael and we loved working with him. He always stood up for the underdog and was always ready to speak out against the injustices meted out to people dealing with big agencies and organisations. We always hoped we would work more closely with Colin as he had much experience we could have learned from, and he was a peoples person with a great wit.We will miss him greatly.

Keith was a "guid soldier". Haunted by some of the things he witnessed while with the Armed Services abroad, he found it a struggle to find his way back into normal life. He had a great energy about him though, and loved working and having a purpose and despite his own problems was always willing to help others. He will be missed by all his friends at GalGael and at the Elderpark Community Food Garden. One friend has written a poem in tribute to him.

For Keith

There was a Scottish soldier

Keith Dolan was his name

Now that he’s gone our Govan clan

Cannot be the same

Keith took the Crown’s bright shilling

They sent him off to war

To Bosnia to help the weak

Be massacred no more

To keep his comrades’ safety

Keith had to take a life

Keith’s mind and heart were blown apart

He couldn’t bear that strife

When I was sick and lonely

Ne’er one place nor the other

Keith was first man said, “Join our clan!”

“You’re welcome here, my brother.”

Keith would help, not think of self

Ask nothing in return

But all the while, behind his smile

White-hot his wounds would burn

Alas, I could not help him

As he had once helped me

Where was the Crown when Keith was down?

Not around to see

It brings us some scant solace

Keith can be hurt no more

But he who served did not deserve

To die behind the door

I’ll miss you Keith, my brother

Our friendship was too brief

But since you’ve gone to journey on

I hope you can find peace