Friday, 21 May 2010

This Boat

This boat, made by many hands
Crafted with love
Fragile on the vastness of the ocean
Guided by an infinity of stars
Holds the hopes and dreams
Of dreamers

This boat, made of wood
An ark
Hewn from imagination
Carries an ideal into the future

This boat, so like a crucible
Cradle of kith and kin
Sets one down gently
On the shore of a dear green place
Where the salmon run
Birds take flight
Fruit hangs heavy on the tree of life.

The tintinnabulation of bells echoes
Down through the years.

Mick McLaughlan.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Cold Steel Chisel

Cold______You are a legend
No one knows your nom de guerre.
Steel_____ You are a legend
Surrounded by a monumental myth.
Chisel____ You are a legend
some poor mother's son.

On_______You are a legend
You should be left to lie in peace.
Cold______You are a legend
resurrected to fool other mothers children.
Black_____ You are a legend
Someone should say
Granite___ You are a legend
The legend on your stone reads.

Unknown soldier.

By Michael McLaughlan